DIY Chandelier Cleaning: Step-by-Step Instructions for a Sparkling Fixture

Does that lustrous shine of your chandelier seem lost somewhere? Don’t worry; it just needs some cleaning done sincerely, and you’ll get it back in no time.

Chandelier cleaning is easy to do on your own, as it’s just about removing the dirt and debris that have accumulated over time. While professional chandelier cleaning services are also available, you might be curious to know whether to consider them or not. Before you begin giving it a thought, step into this blog to know the answers. Here’s our DIY Chandelier Cleaning guide:

How to Clean a Chandelier at Home: DIY Chandelier Cleaning

DIY Chandelier Cleaning

Pack yourself with the necessary know-hows of the chandelier cleaning process at home on your own.

Steps to Clean a Chandelier

Step 1: Prepare a Cleaning Solution

You can use any cleaning solution of your choice that is suitable for cleaning a chandelier. Alternatively, mix 3 parts distilled water with 1 part rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to make your own cleaning solution.

Remember: Distilled water is better to go with since it does not leave any mineral spots after evaporating.

Step 2: Get the Area Ready

Turn off the electricity, set up the ladder, grab your gloves, get a cleaning cloth, and place a blanket or towel on the ground to cushion the ground in case a crystal or glass piece falls.

Step 3: Start Cleaning with Cloth

Dust the chandelier to remove dry debris, and then spray cleaning solution on it. Now take a microfiber cloth and clean each glass or crystal piece one by one. Dry up with another piece of cloth so there are no water drops or marks left behind.

Chandelier Cleaning by Professionals

If you choose to go with professionals for chandelier cleaning, that’s a great idea, as it will benefit you in many ways.

Cleaning Expertise: Professional cleaners have the necessary expertise in cleaning chandeliers of all sizes and types. They work wonders at restoring their shine by meticulously cleaning them with their proven techniques and solutions.

Eliminates Risk: Handling the delicacy of chandeliers is not an easy job. The delicate chandelier needs to be in safe hands to ensure its safety, as do the ones cleaning them. Cleaning experts at Clarke’s Service Professionals are renowned for this service, which you can choose without giving it a second thought.

Saves Time: While chandelier cleaning might seem easy and quick to DIY, professionals can make a whole lot of difference in your experience and results. Not only will the professionals save time, but they will also get it done in the best way possible.

In The End

Considering the complexity and safety measures, it is always wise to call professionals for chandelier cleaning at your home. DIY might seem cost-effective; however, if you fail to handle the chandelier properly, you might lose it forever, which is tough to even imagine. So, to get back that radiant charm without taking any risks, call the experts at Clarke’s Service Professionals at your doorstep for chandelier cleaning.