The Science Behind Pressure Washing: How Water Pressure Can Clean Even the Toughest Stains

When it comes to refining the exteriors of a building, deck, patio, fences, outdoor furniture, walkway, or pool area, pressure washing can always come in handy. This technique is so effective that it can even eliminate the most stubborn stains, mineral deposits, tar, and anything else that may degrade your home or office’s look. Herein, we will unravel the hidden science behind power washing that makes it so powerful.

Commercial Pressure Washing Service
Worker dressed in green work clothes, cleaning the streets for the prevention of covid19 or crown virus with pressurized bleach water gun

The Basic Physics

Specialized equipment is used for this procedure, which generates a vigorous water jet (having high kinetic energy) through a tiny nozzle. This, in turn, when targeted at the surface to be cleaned, exerts a great deal of pressure on it. As a result of this strong pressure, the firmly stuck particles or contaminants are effortlessly expelled from their positions.

The Chemistry Angle

Not just physics; a little chemistry is also utilized to give that immaculate finish to the chosen area. High-grade detergents and cleaning products are also deployed along with the gushing water. The detergent molecules, when used in sync with the pressure washing machine, do the same as scrubbing does. This further aids in the efficient removal of dust, debris, grime, grease, mildew, etc.

Water Temperature

In some instances, pressure washing is done using hot water to achieve better cleaning results. The water, pressure, and heat all combined together help dissolve grease and oil, which are often tough to deal with.

In The End

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