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Residential pressure washing is a great way to boost your curb appeal and is an important component of home maintenance. Here at Clarke’s Service Professionals we take pride in providing quality house washing services.

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Pressure washing in Clarke's way

Our standard operating procedure for pressure washing is:-

1. A project coordinator will assess the areas to be pressure washed.
2. Solutions and equipment are selected based on the area that needs pressure washing.
3. Team will apply the solution & will do the pre treatment with low pressure washer.
4. Further solution is allowed to dwell on the surface.
5. Team will rinse surface off with low pressure.

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House pressure washing

The reason to wash the house is to remove dirt, algae, mildew, and oxidation that can cause paint failure. Below are a list of the surfaces we can soft pressure wash:

Why Get Your Property Pressure Washed?

Professional pressure washing offers countless surprising benefits including increasing the curb appeal of your property, protecting it from serious damages by removing mild, algae, mold etc. and enhancing its beauty leading to improving its price value in the real estate market. A summer home maintenance checklist without pressure washing is like a Christmas party without a cake.

Our Trucks are designed to provide their own water source and premixed solutions to have the process done more efficiently in a shorter period of time. Pressure washing a property requires knowledge, skill and experience that will enable the job to be done with no harm or damage to a clients property.

Pressure Wash Before You Sell

It is always recommended to pressure wash your home before selling. The benefits of having this done is of great importance. Regardless of the material your home is made of, you should consider having it pressure washed before even taking photos for the listing because making a good first impression on a potential buyer is of high importance and can also increase the home / property value.

At Clarke's service pros we also partner with realtors, construction companies and property managers who timely need pressure washing services. If you are selling a property in future for yourself or for a client, contact us today to have it pressure-washed.

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Why Choose Clarke's Pressure Washing Services

Safe & Insured

Pressure washing, if done improperly, can cause surface deterioration and do other damages to the property. We at Clarke's service pros use soft pressure washing technique which is a safer & better approach. We are also fully insured & bonded service.

House pressure washers in new jersey

Services You Can Trust

We are a locally owned & operated business with several years of experience in janitorial industry. Our pros are well-equipped, well-trained and go through a strict background check and an effective training program before joining our on-field teams.

Pressure washing services in New Jersey


Our expert team of cleaners will inspect the area that needs to be cleand and will detail you on the procedure accordingly. We offer two types of cleaning service:-

  • Pressure washing
  • Soft washing

Soft washing is a low pressure pressure washing done with lesser pressure and special cleaning agents on surfaces where normal pressure cleaning is not advisable due to variety of reasons. We have years of experience in pressure washing decks, patios, roofs, sidings, fences, driveways etc.

Our teams can prepare a detailed pricing estimate for pressure washing after receiving sufficient details about the home to be pressure washed. We offer free, no-obligation estimates for pressure washing. Call us today at (973) 609-5151 for a price estimate.

We use a powerful 4000 psi VEVOR Pressure Surface Cleaner, 16″ Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner to pressure wash decks. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our cleaning services. 

Clarke’s service professionals is a fully licensed, insured & bonded cleaning service currently serving Northern and central New Jersey.

Please call us at : (973) 609-5151 or fill out the contact form to learn about the cleaning slots availability. 

We emphasis on using safe organic cleaning solutions while providing our pressure washing services.