Professional Pressure Washing: Over 150 Five-Star Washing Reviews

With more than 150+ enthusiastic reviews, our commitment to high quality pressure washing is evident in every job. Join the satisfied customers who trust New Jersey’s leading pressure washing services for long-lasting cleaning. (Read More Reviews)
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Kyle Kolaja
Kyle Kolaja
Tremendous professional crew, did a terrific job on Windows and power washing
Paulette Szalay
Paulette Szalay
What an awesome job this company did on all of my chandeliers! They look beautiful and sparkle brilliantly again! I am super happy!! Thank you again!
BD Rodriguez
BD Rodriguez
I really liked how fast they worked and how chill there were. Great price. Will be my Go-to power wash for now on.
Jason Logan
Jason Logan
Jevaugn and his team are real professional and courteous. The powerwash work was great and brought new life to my property.
Loren Machel
Loren Machel
Very seamless experience from scheduling through the job itself. The two men who came worked very hard and did a fantastic job, couldn’t be more pleased to have a house full of clean windows as I can never find time to do all of them at the same time! Thank you again, will definitely recommend!
Niraj Parikh
Niraj Parikh
They were extremely professional and did a great job restoring my chandelier and made it look beautiful
Mitchell Sturman
Mitchell Sturman
I called for service and was warmly welcomed by Jevaughn. We were able to schedule service for our chandelier (which is large and 20+ feet in the air). The process was explained in-depth. Cost was reasonable and the service neat and perfect. I highly recommend them and have plans to utilize their services for window cleaning and additional work.
Maxine Levitt
Maxine Levitt
They did an awesome job on my windows!
Vanessa Colon
Vanessa Colon
"I've had the pleasure of utilizing Clarke's Service Professionals for two distinct projects, and both experiences have been exceptional. Their service is top-notch, characterized by professionalism and efficiency at every stage, from the initial phone inquiry to the service itself and through to payment. Highly recommended for their commitment to excellence!

#1 Residential and Commercial Power Washing in New Jersey

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Clarke’s Service Professionals stands as the preeminent choice for expert pressure washing services. As your trusted local pressure washing company, we specialize in delivering reliable, cost-effective power washing solutions that elevate the aesthetic appeal of both commercial and residential properties.
Clark's Professional Performing High-Pressure Water Cleaning on Outdoor Surface
Combatting mildew stains and dirt, eradicating moss, algae, and fungus, our meticulous approach revitalizes your property’s exterior spaces, contributing to its overall beautification. Emphasizing safety, we employ gentle house washing techniques for sensitive areas during exterior house cleaning.

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Experience the pinnacle of pressure washing excellence with Clarke’s Service Professionals – where expertise meets reliability

Businesses that trust us...

Sparkling Surfaces
Seamless Service.

Revitalize Your Space with Expert Commercial Pressure Washing

Fully Insured and Reliable

Rest easy knowing we are fully insured, prioritizing your peace of mind. Our skilled professionals adhere to the highest safety standards, ensuring precision and reliability in handling your commercial pressure washing needs.

Preferred Choice for Property Managers

Property managers in New Jersey rely on Clarke’s for our expertise in revitalizing building exteriors, parking lots, sidewalks, and common areas, maintaining a professional and inviting appearance.

Top-Rated Pressure Washing Company

Our commitment to excellence has made us a top provider in the state, backed by industry-leading equipment and a wealth of experience, guaranteeing outstanding results.


We understand that every surface has unique needs, and our expert team is committed to crafting customized approaches that ensure optimal cleanliness and preservation.


NEW! We offer financing.

Prequalify today and contact us to learn more about financing your next project!

Commercial Pressure Washing Excellence

Unlock the potential for a pristine exterior with our cost-effective and high-quality commercial pressure washing services. At Clarke’s Service Professionals, we cater to a diverse range of commercial properties, ensuring their facades maintain a polished and inviting appearance.
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No matter the size of your retail establishment, we offer professional storefront pressure washing services that leave a lasting impression. From cozy boutiques to expansive complexes, our services are tailored to enhance the curb appeal of your retail space, attracting more foot traffic.

Elevate the professional image of your office building with our expert pressure washing services. We create a welcoming atmosphere for your clients by safely, affordably, and reliably transforming your office exterior. Let your office sparkle and leave a positive impression on visitors.
Revitalize your parking spaces with our comprehensive parking garage pressure cleaning services. Our skilled experts efficiently restore the appearance of your parking areas, making them look like new and enhancing the overall appeal of your commercial property.

Experience top-tier exterior pressure washing services for your shopping center. Our expert crew delivers quality results, ensuring that your shopping center maintains a clean and inviting exterior, attracting both tenants and customers alike.

Specializing in safe, cost-effective, and efficient restaurant exterior pressure washing, we contribute to creating a pleasant environment for your customers. Enhance the exterior appeal of your restaurant and leave a positive impression on diners.

Transformative Residential Pressure Washing Services

Commercial Pressure Washing
Safe and Affordable Pressure Washing Services
At our core, we believe in delivering excellence through the meticulous use of top-tier pressure washing products and cutting-edge equipment. Our team of power washing experts arrives fully equipped, ensuring every inch of your property, be it concrete surfaces, pool decks, fencing, sidings, patios, or hardscaping, receives the specialized attention it deserves.

Introducing the Ultimate Soft House Washing Experience!

Residential Soft Washing New Jersey
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Say goodbye to stubborn dirt, mold, and grime with our top-notch Soft House Washing services!
Revitalize your home's beauty with our cost-effective house pressure washing services.

Investing in proper facade pressure washing not only enhances aesthetics but also minimizes the risk of unexpected costs and repairs.

Maintain the longevity of your concrete driveway with regular, expertly executed power washing.

Our sidewalk pressure washing services ensure your concrete surfaces not only look their best but also perform optimally.

Bid farewell to rust, algae, dirt, and more with our reliable patio pressure washing service.

Combat dirt, moss, cobwebs, and improper paint on your wood fence with our precise pressure washing.

Reclaim the beauty of your pool and deck by bidding farewell to stains, algae, and weeds through our expert pressure washing.

Ensure the longevity of your pavers and paving stones with professional pressure washing that leaves them pristine without causing damage.

Revolutionizing House Exterior Cleaning in 5 Expert Steps

Don't wait any longer; let us elevate your exterior cleaning experience with our meticulous Soft Washing process.

Clark's Service Professionals Conducting Home Inspection

Gentle Low-Pressure Rinsing

We initiate the process with a low-pressure rinse, carefully preventing any damages to residence sidings. This approach, typical of soft washing, ensures a thorough cleaning without causing harm

Safety and protection of environment

Our commitment to safety extends to the environment. We cover any flowers or plants in the work area and implement timely watering of flowers and gardens. This meticulous care minimizes any potential impact on the surrounding greenery.

Professionals Monitoring Home Environment with Barometer

Optimal Pressure Selection

We emphasize precision in pressure selection, choosing the appropriate level needed to effectively clean the designated area. This tailored approach guarantees optimal results without compromising the integrity of surfaces.

Clark's Service Professionals Solving Home Maintenance Puzzle

Choosing the right solutions

The key to our success lies in choosing the right solutions for your specific needs. Our experts apply carefully selected solutions, ensuring a targeted and effective cleaning process while preserving the integrity of the surfaces being treated.

Professionals Adjusting Home Systems

Final Low pressure rinsing

To conclude, we employ another round of low-pressure rinsing. This not only ensures the prevention of damages but also reaffirms our commitment to maintaining the longevity of residence sidings.

Need Your Awnings cleaned? We can restore them for you.

pressure washing service by clarke's
pressure washing service by clarke's
pressure washing service by clarke's